Sunday, July 8, 2018

How to set Statistic Page as Homepage Blogger

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To make your statistic page blog as homepage is so simple. Just make redirection url. Follow these step to make direction
  1. Get The Link of Statistic Page Go to Blogger > filter_none Pages. Select wich statistic page to set As Homepage Copy Link Addres. Actualy your copy clipboard is and cut you just need /p/page-name.html.
  2. Make New Redirection Go to Blogger > settings Setting > Search Preferences. And Create New Direct on Error & Redirection section. Make direction from (/) to (/p/page-name.html). (/) That’s mean your main homepage.
  3. Save, Done Done, now if you visiting your homepage automaticly will redirects to statistic pages. But how to access main page? just go to your link with /index.html
Thanks, Mediadesain Team.

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