Monday, December 24, 2018

How to Add Whatsapp Chat Button On Your Blog

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Your blog blogspot possible to add floating WhatsApp chat button and make it easy to chat with your customer. Follow these steps to add the floating button WhatsApp.

  1. Login to Your Blog
  2. Theme > Edit HTML
  3. Make sure your template support FontAwesome, if not support follow older post tutorial to add-on fontawesome to your blog or click here.
  4. Put your phone number and paste The Script below tag <body>
    <style>.floating-wa {background:#25D366;position:fixed;z-index:4;right:15px;bottom:15px;padding:10px 17px;font-size:30px;border-radius:100px;box-shadow:1px 2px 10px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3);} .floating-wa a {color:#FFF;}</style>
    <div class='floating-wa'><a href=';text=Hi%20MeDes,%20I%20have%20question&amp;source=&amp;data=' target='_blank'><i class='fab fa-whatsapp'/></a></div>
    Change 6285882844395 with your phone number.
  5. Save Theme

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